Friday, 5 February 2016

Any Shopping plans for this weekend?

Any Shopping plans for this weekend?

It's starting of the month February...Only exciting thing about that is where to use your salary amount this time to get some different look through shopping? You must be puzzled  about which brand to choose for shopping? What new to try?

Jeans are tough and un-stretchable while leggings are stretchable but very revealing, so why not try combination of the two? Any women can wear jeggings but it should be of right fit. No hassle of the zip or button, just pull on to the waist. You can select from wide range of bright colors and pastel shades with standard denim wash effects.

                              Leg pants for tall beauties

Skinny jeans might be torture sometime, don’t worry. Be cool in wide leg pants for best  style.
  • Kitten heels suit best on your long legs
  • Avoid pointed-toe shoes with wide leg pant
  • Girls with short or average height should avoid too much flare
  • Follow basic balance rule: if bottom is loose, then go for well fitted top
  • Buy Wide-leg pant long enough and make sure that your pant can hide your high heels.
  • Flared pant looks particularly good when it is paired with kurti that defines your waist.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Eternal Simplicity

Every Attire of India showcase simplicity in its own style

Rosiness of Jammu and Kashmir 

Clothing of Jammu and Kashmir is unique in the whole Indian Sub-Continent. The Kashmiri women are the most beautiful in India. Being beautiful is being Simple. That’s what clothing of Kashmiri women describes us about Simplicity. These cultural attributes reflect in the attires of inhabitants. 

Why Clothing of Himachal Pradesh is know for its Simplicity


                                    Heavy Jewelry of Himachal Pradesh

Here's the reason why Be-indi wants to highlight the simplicity of Himachal Pradesh.
Gaddis, Kinnaurs, Gujjars, Gadoun and Tanolis are the major tribal groups. Other groups are Brahmins, Rajputs, Kolis, Gurkhas, Kannets also present there. Diverse groups reflects on there clothing too. Carrying Simplicity and tradition on their shoulder by women is most unusual.