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Dressing for Weddings

Dressing for Weddings-

Billions of people, more than 1600 spoken language, 29 currently different States, over 9 religions, one country India- defines diversity. This diversity, seen in every realm of Indian life starting from food & clothing to customs & traditions, is reflected in Indian marriages as well.
You always see a wide array of vibrant colours, food, rituals and dances blended together in a large and long celebration. Being a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh traditional one, it is likely that the marriage overwhelmed you by the bewildering array of rituals and etiquette.

Generally wearing pure white and black are avoided during the wedding. Wedding and wedding related events are colourful, loud, and fun. Of course if you have a fabulous white or black dress that you would never wear for a funeral, then you can wear it.

For functions-                                                                                                                              An Indian wedding lasts at least 3 days, even for a week! From pre-wedding rituals like Mehndi (henna) to the 2-3 hours long main ceremony and finally, the reception, there are a lot of events taking place, some of which you may be invited to participate in. so you need to choose a proper dress which give a look of mesmerizing. With the following tips you will definitely get your appearance with grace and style.
Ladies should wear soft, flowly dresses or salwar kameez if possible.  Go with oranges, pinks and cream colors.
For mehndi- the girls should wear something comfortable and nice. Women can wear a nice tunic top with a long skirt or jeans.  If you have a simple Indian outfit, go for it...

For sangeet- women can wear Salwar kameez, Saree, or Chenia Choli found in silk, chiffon, crepe, cotton and in many styles. Indian clothes should be preferred because dancing would be difficult.  Pick what you love best.

After all this the most awaited time come- The Wedding Ceremony..

Wedding Saree-
Saree is always the best option for the weddings whether it’s your wedding or you are going to attend a wedding. It will always go stylist. Mostly south Indian girls wear saree for their wedding ceremony. You can wear a nice saree in silk, crepe, chiffon or georgette that has embellishments and detailing to make it dressy and festive.
Wedding Lehenga-
In north india and most of the part in india, the girls wear lehenga for their wedding.If your wedding lehenga is not voluminous and lavish, simply go for it by toning down the look with less make up and minimal accessories. Drape the dupatta elegantly on one shoulder and sparkle at the event with grace.

Anarkali Suit-
When it comes to attending a wedding as a guest, an anarkali suit is the best option. It is trendy, elegant and dressy, all at once, without being overwhelming. Pair the outfit with a nice clutch and shiny footwear and you are all set to roll at the wedding. 

Keep your dress simple-
While some women do not miss the opportunity to unwrap all their finery to show them off at a wedding ceremony, we suggest you avoid over-dressing for the occasion. That certainly does not mean that you wear a plain outfit. We would advise you to pick a wedding saree or a wedding lehenga in a subtle colour with delicate embellishments. If the blouse of your wedding saree or the dupatta of your wedding lehenga appear too lavish, trade them for pieces that are less extravagant.
Else, wear a dressy anarkali suit with elaborate detailing so that your outfit does not clash with the bride’s outfit. That way, you will not be competing with the bride for attention but will certainly get appreciative nods from onlookers.
Women could wear red or maroon, but again, chances are high that the bride’s wedding saree or the wedding lehenga is one of the two colours. So the best option would be to stick to tried and tested colours like yellow, green, blue or pink.
Nothing Too Tight or Too Revealing-
One of the most important things to remember is that the wedding ceremony and the events that precede and follow them are long drawn and time consuming. So it is always better to wear comfortable clothes that are not too tight.
That skin-tight, low-cut blouse of your wedding lehenga or wedding saree may look fabulous on you, but it isn’t what you want to flaunt when it could make you or the onlookers uncomfortable.
Don’t Go Too Casually Dressed-
An Indian wedding is not really the occasion to turn up in daily wear cotton clothes. Since you are going to be surrounded by bling, you may as well dress up to mix in with the crowd that will be dazzling in stunning wedding sarees, wedding lehengas and anarkali suits. Wear one of your special festive outfits and show attention to detail while putting your ensemble together. Line your eyes generously, dab on your favourite lipstick and do something different with your hair so that it is not one of those “normal day” looks anymore!

Have fun and enjoy the colors, styles, and madness associated with an Indian wedding.

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